Project Player Development

Giving you the means to reach your highest level

Golf coaching
Bringing the necessary ingredients to grow, improve, succeed by using trust, sharing and empowerment (Claude Onesta).
Mechanical physics
Adapt your game to your physical abilities and develop them.
Physical preparation
Make the body efficient, improve its capacities and prevent injuries.
Para medical
Paramedical follow-up allows us to manage problems related to fatigue and growth.
Mental preparation
Ability to manage stress, dispersion of attention, adjust behaviour.
Allowing the player to exploit 100% of his potential means having appropriate clubs.
Liaising with official and federal authorities.
High level expertise
Benefit from the expertise of renowned players or coaches.
With hydration, nutrition is essential. Having the right reflexes before, during and after training or competition, so that he always feels at his best.
Coordinating the season and tournament schedule for each athlete.
Build and manage your budget for your season, your career.
Finding the right partners for you. Managing the negotiation.
Reaching your academic goal, managing the double project to obtain your diplomas.
Keeping the family unit as the central actor of the project.